Message from HTF Founder

November 2019

Dear Friends of HTF and Haiti,

We need your help. A severe crisis of human suffering has gripped Haiti. Massive protests are taking place against Haiti’s corrupt leadership, and a compromised police force and foreign mercenaries are battling back. Schools are closed, roads are blocked, food and clean water are scarce, inflation is rampant, hospitals lack basic supplies, electricity is in short supply, and those suffering the most are the most vulnerable: the children. In recent days, the violence has hit home as people and children dear to us have been victims of the violence.

While Haiti has a history of government corruption and instability coupled with periodic unrest, the situation in Haiti right now is decidedly different. This crisis has been building since the middle of last year and shows no sign of abating. So far, there is no cavalry coming to the rescue nor any political resolution in sight.

When the January 2010 earthquake happened, television and other media brought it front and center to the whole world. It touched hearts, and people responded. Today, as much of the world and our own country are embroiled in their own conflicts, the situation in Haiti is getting scant attention. This lack of media attention does not make it any less real.
As non-governmental organizations leave the country and non-essential personnel in the foreign embassies have been sent home, HTF is doing what we have always done. We are standing by our partners and those communities in Haiti with whom we have built long-term relationships. The courage of our partners and their resiliency to adjust and carry-on as best they can the essential work that we do together inspire us.

After the 2010 earthquake, the US Peace Corps named HTF as one of their five most effectively positioned organizations to be good stewards of emergency relief funds. Their faith and countless donors’ faith were validated as our grassroots network and presence on the ground saved lives and led towards recovery from the disaster.

We appeal to your generosity so that we can stand with the most vulnerable in Haiti during this crisis. The cards stacked against them are high, but with your help we can get to our partners – from La Montagne to the Central Plateau, and from Jacmel to Port-au-Prince – the resources they need. Together with your generosity we will Rise Up and save lives. Thank you.
Pou tout moun kapab gen lavi (that ALL may have life),

Rick Barger
You can make a donation toward Rise Up for Haiti through online giving, by cash or check designated for “Haiti Rise Up” or by texting “HaitiRiseUp 100” or whatever dollar amount you wish to donate to 833-941-1494. Learn more about GIVE+ TEXT.

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