Bible and Book Studies

Epiphany Bible studies and classes are open to anyone. Some classes may meet all year long, while others may meet for a quarter or continue longer. These studies will help you on your journey of faith and also offer a wonderful fellowship opportunity. Epiphany disciples get together throughout the week in small groups to study God’s Word, discuss and learn from the Bible and each other. Please contact the Church Office at 937-433-1449 if you have questions about any of our studies listed below. Newcomers are always welcome!
Women's Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study with Pastor Charlie Woodward

Wednesdays, 10 AM
Far Hills Conference Room
This group is open to all women of any age, and you can join at any time. Come give it a try! 
Saturday Morning Men's Group Generic
The group is always open to new members who like to discuss all kinds of issues in a logical, respectful, and reflective manner.

Saturday Morning Men’s Group

March 7 | 8 AM, Centerville Panera
March 14, 21, 28 | Far Hills Conference Room (Upper Level)
March Agenda:
  • Mar. 7 – Second Mountain Part 6
  • Mar. 14 – The Gilded Age Part 2
  • Mar. 21 – Making Sense of the Cross Chapter 6
  • Mar. 28 – 42:1 – Buster Douglas

The Passions of the Christ Study with Dr. Larry Welborn

Sundays, January 12-February 23
9 a.m. in Far Hills Room 13
Social psychologists report that many people today are struggling to come to grips with a disillusioning present, battling melancholy that arises from the loss of an ideal, the crushing of hope.
The danger of such melancholy is that sorrow becomes a substitute for contemporary investment of oneself in action that could lead to transformation. The gospels portray Jesus grappling with powerful emotions during the last week of his life: weeping over the city of Jerusalem, burning with zeal in the temple, agonizing in the garden of Gethsemane. Our course follows Jesus on a tumultuous emotional journey by which he broke free of captivity to loss and grief and became the agent of salvation for others.

Book of Esther Study with Dr. Phyllis Scholp

Tuesdays, January 14 – February 4
2 PM, Far Hills Conference Room
Esther, though a Jewess, is the Queen of Persia and wife of King Ahasuerus. This is the story of how Esther saves the Jewish people living in the Persian Empire from an anti-Semitic pogrom and complete annihilation.
The book of Esther was accepted into the Old Testament canon with many reservations. The God of Israel is not mentioned once, nor are Jewish practices such as the Law, covenant, prayer, and dietary regulations.
However, Esther is still a religious piece. The concept of providence, the covenant with God, and the effectiveness of fasting are present, though subtle. Important to the Jewish people is the message they find in this book, “God’s people will survive.” It is a story of courage, hope, and deliverance.
A study guide with questions will be given each week to guide us through the reading for the next week. Please bring a Bible to class.

Exodus Study with Pastor Jay Shailer

February 11-March 31
2 PM, Far Hills Conference Room
Join us on Tuesday afternoons for an Exodus study with Pastor Jay. Syllabus forthcoming.