Leaders & Staff

Epiphany is blessed with the leadership, dedication, and talent of its church council, pastors and support staff. In addition to the knowledge, skills, and experience they bring to Epiphany, they have a true passion for serving Christ and making a positive impact on the church and community. 

Church Office Location

Far Hills Campus
6430 Far Hills Avenue
Centerville, OH 45459
Hours: Closed due to COVID-19
To speak with our pastor, please feel free to call the church office at (937) 433-1449, ext. 112 for Pastor Jay.
If you have an urgent need for pastoral care, please call (937) 433-1449, press “6” and follow the directions for contacting the pastor on call.
If you would like more information about any of our programming or ministries, please email epiphany@epiphanydayton.org.

Transitional Senior Pastor

Rev. Jay Shailer
ext. 112
We are excited to begin our journey with Pastor Jay serving as Epiphany’s Transitional Senior Pastor.

Transitional Senior Pastor is the new terminology for the pastor filling a role temporarily and replaces the Interim Pastor designation. In his Transitional Senior Pastor role, Pastor Jay has all the responsibilities of the Senior Pastor and will continue to lead us in Word and Sacrament as well as ensuring our mission and ministry continues.
Join us in welcoming and supporting Pastor Jay in his new role.

Church Staff

Church Council

Brittany Albert
Austin Campus Coordinator
Terri Quick
Council President
John Benjamin
Director of Traditional Worship
Carlin Heimann
Michele Borns
Director of Praise Worship
ext. 121
Roland Rapp
Marcia Drake
ext. 102

Jon Tyson
HALIGOWSKI,Erin; (Staff)49
Erin Haligowski
Director of Youth and Family Ministry
Social Media Coordinator, ext. 109
Kate Barrett
Council at Large 
HEIMANN, Natalie (Staff)10Natalie Heimann
Office Manager and Far Hills Campus Coordinator
ext. 100

Anthony Brown
Council at Large 
Jeff Hilvers
Facilities Manager
ext. 132
Brian Hoff
Council at Large


JOHNS, TonyaTonya Johns
Director of Morning Care
ext. 127
Kirsten Light
Council at Large
Cindy Laipple
Assistant Preschool Director
(937) 433-8715 
Ryan Pearson
Council at Large
PHILLIPS, Heather (Staff)63
Heather Phillips
Preschool Director
(937) 433-8715 
Lisa Wiseman
Council at Large 
Sarah Richter
Director of Children & Family Ministry 
and Children’s Choirs, ext. 104 
Nominating Committee Members:
Scott Watamaniuk, Chair
Mark Chilson
Bob Gray
Jennifer Henderson
Connie Risch
WHITED, KATHY; (Staff)92Kathy Whited
Director of Communications and Information Services, ext. 101
Apple Tree Society Leadership:
Natalie Bergman
Carol Heine
Pete Moenter
Ann Painter
Melonie June Warren