Faith Acts in the Home (via Faith Inkubators)

Gather your family every night to share in caring conversation and devotions. It only takes 5 minutes but could make a big difference in your family.
Many families get into the habit of using “The FAITH 5” as a bedtime routine. These devotions can also be used as a dinner time conversation routine, drive time routine, or any other time that works for your family.
1. Share your highs and lows from the day
Highs: Good things from the day. What brought you joy? Where did you see God at work in your day?
Lows: Tough, difficult, challenging or hard things from your day. When were you misguided or lose hope in your day? 
2. Read God’s Word
You may choose to: read from a Bible like:
  • The Beginner’s Bible (ages 2-5)
  • Spark Story Bible (ages 4-10)
  • Your child’s confirmation Bible
  • Your family Bible
  • A paraphrase like The Message
Or when on the go, in the car or traveling you may choose to use: YouVersion Bible App for Kids, YouVersion Bible App, or
3. Talk about how the Bible reading relates to your highs and lows
Reflect on how you hear God speaking in the Bible reading and how that applies to your highs and lows (joys and pain) of the day.
You may choose read and discuss a children’s, family or adult devotional, or you may choose to respond to one of the following:
  • One thing I learned today…
  • One thing I already knew, but it’s worth repeating…
  • One thing I would like to know more about.
4. Pray about what you have shared together
  • Praise and thank God for your highs
  • Ask God to be with you in your lows
Other ways to pray together:
PTA Prayer:
  • Praising prayer
  • Thanking prayer
  • Asking prayer
JOY prayer
  • Thanking Jesus
  • Praying for Others
  • Praying for Yourself
5. Bless one another
Place your hand on your child/spouse’s head or shoulder. Make the sign of the cross on their forehead. Kiss your little finger and trace a cross on their forehead. Give them a special hug, and then speak a word of blessing like:
“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace” (Numbers 6:24-26)
“The Lord bless and keep you.”
“Jesus loves you and so do I!”
“May God’s angels protect you this night.”
“You are a baptized, blessed & beloved child of God.”
“Go with God.”
…or make up your own!
Blessings can be used at any coming or going (bus stop, bedtime, leaving for college, or anytime!)