Our Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden after sod installation

before sod installation

The final touches are being made in the Memorial Garden space at the back of our property at the Far Hills Campus. The sod was laid recently, and soon, a sculpture will be installed. This sculpture will include plaques with Bible verses and hymn lyrics, and over time, it will also hold the names of those whose cremains are interred in the garden. 
A few highlights include:
• All of God’s children are eligible to have their cremains buried or scattered in Epiphany Lutheran Church’s Memorial Garden.

• The burial or scattering of the cremains will take place during a Christian ceremony in the garden.

• Buried cremains will be placed in a hole that will be prepared for the service.

• Scattered cremains will be placed in a designated garden area, and will be blended into the ground covering and mulch bed of that area.

• A fee, currently $350 per person, pursuant to these guidelines is requested from the applicant.

• All monies collected for fees will be used for the purpose of maintenance and care of the Memorial Garden, Memorial Register, and the engraving and installation of a memorial plaque.

• Epiphany Lutheran Church will enter the names of persons whose cremains are buried or scattered in the Memorial Garden in a Memorial Register maintained by the church.
Click here to read the full guidelines document. 

before tree and plant installation

before gravel installation