Haitian Timoun Foundation

Epiphany’s Global Mission Partner

Haitian Education & Leadership Program

by Natalie Heimann
Less than 1% of the Haitian population receives a college education, due to abject poverty. Of those who actually are able to attend and graduate college, 85% will leave the country in search of opportunities elsewhere.
Through HTF’s partnership with the Haitian Education and Leadership Program, or HELP, some of the best and brightest young students in Haiti are given an opportunity to attend university. The mission of HELP is to create, through merit- and needs-based scholarships, a community of young professionals and leaders who will promote a more just society in Haiti. On top of an accredited university education, HELP scholarships provide students with textbooks, living stipends, housing, academic advising and counseling, leadership curricula, as well as study abroad and internship opportunities. After graduation 80% of HELP students remain in Haiti, having learned the importance of making a difference in their society.
In 2018, HELP received 453 eligible applications. However, due to financial limitations, the program was only able to offer scholarships to approximately 15% of those students. The only thing keeping this program from training new leaders is funding. Here is where our support comes in!
Epiphany is committed to sponsor a single student throughout their entire time in the HELP program — totaling $12,000 per year for four years.


Meet Marie Lourde

Walk Alongside Our Haitian Partners

by Natalie Heimann and Pastor Jay Shailer

Now, as ever before, Epiphany is committed to our mission of loving Jesus by serving others. That commitment shines in the many ministries that extend the hand of Christ into our community and world. The six who recently returned from Haiti want to lift up the stories you heard either in worship, via devotions or in conversation from those of us who traveled to Haiti last month. You’ve heard the stories of the people we met and the relationships we formed. You’ve heard how, through the Haitian Timoun Foundation, we walk alongside our new friends as they take steps toward lives that have value and dignity. And you’ve heard about Epiphany’s challenge to sponsor 10 women in the Chemen Lavi Mio (CLM) program by the end of 2018. Give online.


Heartbreaking and Beautiful

by Natalie Heimann

Families who are existing on $1 a day of income. A water supply that can turn a bath into a breeding ground for serious illness. Child slaves. A deforested rain forest. These are some of the heartbreaking images that we observed during our immersion trip to Haiti earlier this year. 
Community. Pride in success. Sacrificial love. Radical hospitality. Hope. These were the overwhelmingly beautiful images we witnessed on that very same trip.