Electronic Giving Statements

Epiphany Lutheran Church offers the opportunity to receive quarterly giving statements via email through a secure, password-protected process. Please note that this is OPTIONAL, and will only be set up if you sign up for it.
So why are we doing this? It is good stewardship! This method of sending out giving statements will save money and time and energy. It is more than just postage; it is paper, envelopes, printing and staff time to prepare, stuff and send out these documents. All that combined, if all members signed up for this service, we could save up to $2000 annually.
To sign up, please complete the form on this page. You will receive a verification message that you are signed up after you hit the SUBMIT button. When it comes time to send out the quarterly statements, you will receive a reminder email to look out for your statement in your email instead of in your regular mailbox. Both the cover letter and statement will be sent together in one email message with the statement as a secure attachment. Please consider this option for receiving your giving statements.
Also consider setting up your giving electronically through our online giving service. This program allows you to set up your giving at whatever frequency and amount you wish. This is a great tool for those of us who are not in church every Sunday, but who want to keep current on our giving to the church. Many of us have automatic payments set up for our bills – why not make Epiphany a priority by setting up this service of giving? 
Thank you for your continued support of the ministry and mission of Epiphany!