D-Tour Update – Boundless Promise

Hello Epiphany,

Pt. 1 Wednesday, July 27th was Dollywood! Started off early with breakfast and headed to the bus. An hour and half drive and we had arrived. Mystery mine, thunderhead, Tennessee tornado, lightening rod, and many more fun rides. Some of the best cinnamon bread you will ever have here. Couple hours later we were all able to go see coat of many colors show at the Heart song Theatre.(Dolly’s story) After a long day and a couple hours later it was sadly time to go. One the highlights of today was the energy going around! Our matching epiphany shirts received so many compliments designed by herself Erin Haligowski. Super grateful for all the enthusiasm and excitement for today. Can’t wait for an even more exciting day tomorrow!

Good Evening Epiphany,

Pt 2. As we thought we were going to be safely sound asleep things didn’t go as planned. Making a sharp turn around a corner the bus got wedged on a mountain road. All of us hopped out to get to safety before anything bad had happened. While kids were stranded on the side of the road adults did a great job taking charge of everything. Big shoutout to Prince of Peace Loveland church to lending us rides to get home. Now heading home safely and ready for bed. Props to all the adults to being strong, supportive, hard workers, and devoted to helping all each other out!

-Aly West

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