2022 Children’s Christmas Musical

Epiphany Players Drama Ministry is pleased to present


A Christmas Singing Competition of Pitch Perfect Proportions

A Children’s Musical by Christy Semsen
Directed by Jackie Randall
Presented during worship December 11


To honor the tremendous work that went into this production, these are the only worship services offered at the Far Hills Campus this Sunday.

Musical singing groups from all over the country have traveled to JINGLE BELL BEACH to compete in this year’s “Jingle Sing” competition. Sandy and Sonny Pepperminter, the directors/hosts of the “Jingle Sing,” welcome and facilitate the groups as they prepare to rehearse on the beach stage. Finalists, the Starfish, the Snowflakes, and the Electrons all engage in a playful and competitive dialogue until a storm threatens Christmas and the Snowflakes’ secret weapon has melted! Frustrated that nothing is going according to plan, the captain of the Snowflakes declares a “Reindeer Rumble,” an epic musical sing-off that hasn’t been attempted in years. Ultimately, all of the choirs join together to present a unified nativity medley to prove that even when things don’t go as we expected, we can still sing “Hallelujah!”

The Children’s Christmas musical is part of the drama ministry at Epiphany. The show, which lasts about 40 minutes, takes place during the worship service. Children in grades 1-8 make up the primary cast. There is a chorus, requiring less rehearsal commitment, made up of kids in grades 1–8. Preschoolers and Kindergartners are also featured. Families do not have to be members of Epiphany to participate; anyone is welcome to participate in the drama ministry. The cost per cast member is $25, which covers the cost of a show t-shirt and the cast meal on December 11, as well as helping to offset the cost of putting on the production. Adults are required to participate in set build, set strike, and serve on a committee of your choosing.

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Attendance at the Christmas and summer musicals about 4,000 people, many of whom are visitors to Epiphany. Almost 300 people of all ages – both onstage and behind the scenes – are involved in presenting drama programs throughout the year. If you have questions about Epiphany’s drama ministry, please contact drama@epiphanydayton.org.