Here We Go!

My trip begins on Friday, November 2, with a flight to Germany. I am just about packed and ready to go. Once there, I hope to update the blog every day or two with pictures, stories and insights from my trip. I plan to introduce you to the people I meet.
Some information about the trip:
The Seminar
Since 2009, the Lutheran World Federation has offered two seminars each year for theologians from member churches around the world. They are invited to Wittenberg for two weeks to work on issues of Lutheran theology with professors from universities in Germany and abroad. The aims are:
a. to understand the key statements in Martin Luther’s writings,
b. to understand the circumstances and relationships in which Martin Luther lived and
c. to relate Luther’s insights in a constructive way to the contexts in which the participants live.  
I will be participating in this seminar beginning November 3. There will be 21 participants from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Eswatini in South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, USA, Denmark, Hungary, Czechia and Germany.
The Visit
Following the Seminar, I will be spending a few days with Pastor Christian and Melanie Lange in Vellahn, Germany. Pastor Lange and I are excited to continue a 33-year relationship between our churches alive. I will worship with them my last weekend in Germany.
Thanks for joining me on the journey!
Pastor Charlie