Walk Alongside Our Haitian Partners

by Natalie Heimann and Pastor Jay Shailer

Now, as ever before, Epiphany is committed to our mission of loving Jesus by serving others. That commitment shines in the many ministries that extend the hand of Christ into our community and world. The six who recently returned from Haiti want to lift up the stories you heard either in worship, via devotions or in conversation from those of us who traveled to Haiti last month. You’ve heard the stories of the people we met and the relationships we formed. You’ve heard how, through the Haitian Timoun Foundation, we walk alongside our new friends as they take steps toward lives that have value and dignity. And you’ve heard about Epiphany’s challenge to sponsor 10 women in the Chemen Lavi Mio (CLM) program by the end of 2018. Give online.

This 18-month program identifies women who are the poorest of the ultra-poor in Haiti, then provides a pathway for a better life for them and their families. The cost to support one family through the program is $1,500. For that amount, a family will receive materials to construct or fortify their homes (actual boards instead of sticks for the walls, tin instead of banana leaves for the roofs), supplies and instructions on how to build a latrine to improve sanitary conditions, a water filter to prevent water-borne illnesses that come from contaminated water sources, a choice of two income-generating assets, such as livestock, and healthcare through Partners in Health. In addition to physical assistance, these women will also have the support of case managers, who travel to remote areas to visit with members each week to help them address any challenges and provide ongoing life skills training. 

The dollars that go to support the CLM program aren’t just support — they are the Gospel in action. They transform a family that is living on the very precipice of death and brings them to sustainability of life, and from sustainability springs forth the dignity that all people have in the eyes of God. Our participation in this program allows us to see true resurrection. It is life from death through the mission of God. 

We ask that you hear their stories, and know you are called to be friends to these women. We pray that you jump into this challenge to support 10 women with both feet. Please discuss supporting CLM with your families, with your small groups, with anybody! We have already had a strong outpouring of gifts toward this, and we know we can hit this goal. This is life giving and holy work. 

Thank you all for your commitment to mission!

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