The Grand Finale

Saturday morning, we made our way to the Wittenberg train station. I boarded the train with one of my fellow colleagues who is experienced European train traveler. The 40-minute trip to Berlin, traveling over 125 miles per hour was smooth and easy.
I was greeted at the station by Stefanie. She was one of the chaperones who came with the German group last fall.
We got in the car and traveled to Vellahn. This beautiful village is where our partnership with churches in Germany continues. Christian Lange serves this church. His father was one of two pastors who started this partnership with Larry Hoffsis and Epiphany back in 1985. We arrived in time to meet the confirmation class. They asked me questions about our country and our church.

I was welcomed into the home of Pastor Christian, Melanie and Jonathan Lange. Christian’s mother was also present. The two-day visit was filled with good food, conversation, worship and relaxation. Kinderkirche (Children’s Church) Saturday afternoon, a Memorial service for those who died in the World Wars Sunday Morning, followed by a walk to the cemetery, and an afternoon communion service to commemorate our German/American partnership. And all were followed by cake and coffee. I could get used to that!

Chrisian and Melanie Lange

Christian and his mother, Astrid

Pastor Charlie and Jonathan Lange

Christian is a Buckeye fan!

Lil’ Buckeye, Jonathan

Kinderkirche (Children’s Church)

Memorial Procession

Partnership Worship at Warlitz Castle

Cakes and Coffee

It was great to visit with Lange family again and to get to know Jonathan. I am thankful for our continued partnership and look forward to Christian bring a group next summer to Epiphany. I am excited to see the ministry he is establishing with the young families and youth of his congregation.
Melanie continues to work on her practicum for ordained ministry. She is an intern at the church in Wittenburg (different than the Reformation town of Wittenberg). She told me a pastor came with a tour group thinking her church was the church of the Reformation where Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the door. Oops. Wrong city! Missed it by 175 miles!

Pictures of Church in Vellahn

Monday the journey home begins. Overnight in Berlin and a flight home on Tuesday. So many stories and pictures to share and friendships to cherish. I am looking forward to being home. See you all soon.       Peace,   Pastor Charlie

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