Rise Up for Haiti

To the right is a picture of HTF’s in-country director, Maya, as he makes plans for food distribution on November 26 for 100 families in the Jacmel area. He identified families from several partners there to receive cooking oil, spaghetti, rice and sardines. HTF wired funds to cover the first round, but more can be done through your donations.
After two months of government, business and school closures, the Education Ministry called for children to return to school on Monday, December 2. Some schools were about a quarter full and other schools had only a few students in attendance or didn’t open at all. Click here for a full New York Times article.

From the Haitian Timoun Foundation

Our friends in Haiti are living amid dire circumstances. Fuel is scarce, leadership is silent, and citizens are rightfully demanding answers. Schools and businesses are closed, and public transportation is running at skeleton levels. Prices of food and other staples have been increasing at unbelievable rates, because of the limited ability to get goods to market coupled with a collapsing economy. Violence ensues throughout the country to the point that people are afraid to leave their homes. Our hearts break knowing of the suffering among millions of people as the country is held hostage. We are called to Rise Up for Haiti as we stand together with our brothers and sisters as they weather this enormous crisis.

In addition to our Haitian partners continuing to provide necessary services to the countless Haitians in need, they now require additional support simply to provide basic daily sustenance. There is no end in sight for this crisis, therefore HTF is committed to Rise Up for Haiti for as long as it takes.
While Haiti has a history of government corruption and instability coupled with periodic unrest, the situation in Haiti right now is decidedly different. This crisis has been building since the middle of last year and shows no sign of abating.
To learn more details about the recent situation in Haiti read these articles:
As NGOs leave the country and non-essential personnel in the foreign embassies have been sent home, HTF is doing what we have always done. We are standing by our partners and those communities in Haiti with whom we have built long-term relationships.

Rise Up for Haiti will raise funds to ensure that our Haitian partners have the food, water, fuel, and supplies to sustain the lives of their staff and those they serve. Please join HTF and Rise Up for Haiti today!
Please join HTF and Rise Up for Haiti! The time is now. Lives depend on it. God is counting on us so that all may have life!
You can make a donation toward Rise Up for Haiti through online giving, by cash or check designated for “Haiti Rise Up” or by texting “HaitiRiseUp 100” or whatever dollar amount you wish to donate to 833-941-1494. Learn more about GIVE+ TEXT.

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