Prayer & Support

At Epiphany, prayer is a central activity of our life together.  Through prayer, God gives us the opportunity to take all our cares, concerns, and joys to Him. We pray for our members, friends, family, and neighbors as well as the nation and God’s world. We also encourage you to turn to God in prayer for cares and concerns, thanksgiving, and praise.

Prayer Requests

We are committed to praying for the needs and joys of those in our congregation and our neighbors.  If you would like us to lift you or someone you know up in prayer, Epiphany has a dedicated prayer team and a prayer chapel.

Prayer Team: Epiphany has an active email prayer ministry with a dedicated team offering prayers on behalf of others. Each week, members of our prayer team receive requests and faithfully pray for each and every person on the list. Requests are made either through email, phone calls, or from the weekend bulletin inserts. Pastor Charlie Woodward receives all prayer requests and any requests for confidential private prayers are not forwarded to the prayer team.   

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    You can request prayers of thanksgiving or intercession by: 
    Email or Online: Requests for prayers may be submitted using the online request form to the left or by contacting the prayer team directly at
    Connection Cards: Using the Attendance Slips found in the weekly service bulletins, enter prayer requests on the back and place it in the offering plate at any of the worship services.
    Join the Email Prayer Team: Please email Pastor Charlie at and join this meaningful ministry of prayer.

    Does Your Prayer Life Need a Jump Start?

    Consider These Prayer Tips:
    1. Set aside quiet time to pray, maybe just a few minutes.
    2. Begin by quieting your thoughts.
    3. Talk to God. Have a conversation; it doesn’t have to be eloquent and flowery. Let God know how your day is going, ask for help, offer thanks, pause along the way to hear what God has to say to you.
    4. Pray the Bible.  Read a few verses slowly and prayerfully, the Psalms are great for this. When we don’t know what to pray, the Bible can speak for us.
    5. If being quiet doesn’t work, talk out loud or write out your prayers. Prayer journals can be great tools that then become prayer timelines where you can see how God has worked in your life.