New Member Welcome

Epiphany typically offers two or three New Member Welcome events per year. The goal of these sessions is to help you discern your next step as we answer your questions and provide an overview of Epiphany. There are two sessions offered at 11:45 a.m. — one at each campus — and if you decide to take the next step by becoming a member, we welcome new members within two weeks of the welcome events. 
We hold one session at each campus intentionally. We prefer that you attend both sessions. Even though you may have decided on a preference for your worship location, we feel it is important for everyone to be familiar with both campuses and pastors. However, we do understand if you have prior commitments and cannot make both sessions.
We currently have the following scheduled for receiving new members. The next registration for March 2022 is not yet open, however, you may email Natalie Heimann or call 937-433-1449, ext. 100, with questions at any time throughout the year. 
March 2022
Session One: March 13
Session Two: March 20
Receive New Members: March 27
October 2022
Dates TBA
Dates TBA