Meet Jinoue Cherizard

Haitian Education Leadership Program Alumna

Pharmacy – Class of 2016

Throughout primary and secondary school, Jinoue was consistently regarded as a model student. “I was always at the top of my class,” she recalls. “And all of my teachers loved me.”Besides earning top grades herself, Jinoue also volunteered as a tutor for her peers, and found time to participate in a literature club, a dance troupe, and a youth group at her church.
But Jinoue’s family struggled financially, with her parents – a subsistence farmer and a vendor in the local market – barely making enough for the family of six children to get by. Despite her impeccable academic record and excellent reputation, university seemed out of the question for Jinoue until her school principal told her about HELP.
Today, Jinoue is working towards fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a medical professional. “I want to be an advocate for the healthcare of the Haitian people,” she says. “I hope to play a role in ending some of the public health epidemics we face as a country.” Jinoue continues to thrive academically, and is able to focus on her university studies without the stress of economic hardship. “I’m thankful to HELP because it provides a path to success for promising young people like me,” she says.
Once Epiphany’s sponsorship student is selected, we will share his or her profile and keep in touch through the entire education journey. In the mean time, learn more about Haitian Education Leadership Program Alumni here
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