with Dr. Phyllis Scholp

Tuesdays, January 14 – February 4

2 PM, Far Hills Conference Room


Esther, though a Jewess, is the Queen of Persia and wife of King Ahasuerus. This is the story of how Esther saves the Jewish people living in the Persian Empire from an anti-Semitic pogrom and complete annihilation.

The book of Esther was accepted into the Old Testament canon with many reservations. The God of Israel is not mentioned once, nor are Jewish practices such as the Law, covenant, prayer, and dietary regulations. 

However, Esther is still a religious piece. The concept of providence, the covenant with God, and the effectiveness of fasting are present, though subtle. Important to the Jewish people is the message they find in this book, “God’s people will survive.” It is a story of courage, hope, and deliverance. 

A study guide with questions will be given each week to guide us through the reading for the next week. Bring a Bible to class, and there are some available in the Conference Room.
About Instructor Phyllis Scholp
Epiphany member Phyllis Scholp started with Epiphany in 1987, when she was Epiphany’s director of religious education. A graduate of United Theological Seminary, she served for 25 years as an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church. She taught in the religious studies department at the University of Dayton for 10 years, where she earned a Masters in Theological Studies and a PhD in Theology. Retired from ministry and from teaching, she now serves as an academic volunteer in Centerville Schools, this year at a middle school helping students with math. Phyllis lives in Centerville and has three adult children and three grandchildren.