D-Tour Update – Boundless Creation

Hey Ephinany!


Welcome back for an update on day three. Today we had a early wakeup so we could pack up and stay on schedule. We got up packed up all of our belongings and cleaned the church in order to load the bus for North Carolina. Once all the luggage was loaded we headed over to St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church for there 8:30 am service. The service was youth lead and was an amazing opportunity for the students to volunteer and lead. Following service, we attended a brunch that was brought in by members of St. Andrew’s. They provided us a variety of breakfast casseroles, muffins, and fruit. After service and brunch with the congregation we loaded the bus to start our 5 hour adventure down to the retreat center in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina. After about 2 hours into our adventure to North Carolina we stopped at Buc-ee’s where we were given 45 minutes to look around and get food. After a quick stop we continued til we got to Lake Junaluska. Once at the retreat site we checked in, settled in our rooms and then met up for a great section of bible songs and evening devotions. After devotions we finished the night with delicious hot Dominos pizza and time with our family groups. Be sure to keep following along to see what the rest of the week has in store!


-Brooke Strobel

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