D-Tour Update – Boundless Calling

Hello Epiphany congregation! Welcome to our first D-tour update! The day started today at 8 am with all of us gathering at the Far Hills campus to load up the bus, and by 8:30 we were on the road. We stopped for lunch around 12:15 and spread out to places like Culver’s, McDonald’s, and KFC. Later we stopped by the Opryland Hotel and toured the historic building itself. Next, we headed to Centennial Park to get some fresh air and view the Parthenon replica. We saw many animals (turtles, squirrels, and ducks) that were used to being fed so they were quite friendly. After walking around in the 100 degree heat for about an hour, we boarded the bus once again and headed for dinner. Then, when we were done with dinner, disaster struck. Well, not that dramatic maybe, but the belt on the engine of our bus broke and it was rendered out of service. The church we are staying at tonight graciously  sent a few guys to come and load us and our stuff up and made multiple trips between where we stopped for dinner and the church. Luckily, the locations were only a few minutes apart. While we were making those trips, God sent us a wonderful couple who noticed our broken bus and offered to help us transport luggage, and they too were added to the caravan. Now we’re all settling down and ready for bed, and we can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventure.

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