Council Update May 2, 2023

Hello, Epiphany!

This week’s Council update is focused on our upcoming Community Conversation, May 7 at the Far Hills Sanctuary. We are planning a noon start and will wrap up around 1 p.m. Your attendance is strongly encouraged; the more eyes and ears we have, the richer our discussion can be! 

So, what are we talking about? Our Treasurer and Finance Committee chairs are pairing up to take us through the projected 2024 income and expenses, highlighting changes from last year and their reasons. We also have a freshly installed Call Committee, and the Epiphany Lutheran Church (ELC) leadership will provide an update on that process. 

Stepping through the budget in this way allows you to ask questions before the annual meeting. Hearing questions beforehand also helps ELC leadership prepare for similar items during the annual meeting. If you recall during our March Community Conversation, our Statements of Intent (pledges) have declined, including this past appeal. At the same time, we are excited to bring on our next full-time associate pastor. This decrease in income forecast and increase in expense for our associate pastor presents challenges, and we want to share the outlook and go-forward plan with you. 

To close, I have a few “housekeeping items.” The conversation will be in the Far Hills Sanctuary and will be recorded and sent out in a congregational email for those who cannot attend. Q & A will be encouraged throughout our time together, and wireless mics will be available so everyone can hear (thanks for the feedback last time!).   

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers as we plan this next fiscal year. 

Your Brother in Christ,

Anthony Brown

Epiphany Council President

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