Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Your physical and spiritual health are important to Epiphany Lutheran Church. We’re using this page to share status updates about Epiphany’s response to the situation. 

COVID-19 Update

A Message from Pastor Jay Shailer

Hello Friends!

Last week we promised that we would let you know how the new (and unexpected) COVID and mask guidelines would affect our life together as a congregation.
Of course, if we’ve learned nothing else in the last 14 months, we’ve learned that all of our plans need to be labeled as “tentative.” The situation can shift suddenly. So please recognize that these decisions may need to be shifted depending on the circumstances.
Please understand that regardless of the lifting of these limitations, Epiphany will continue to encourage those who have not yet been vaccinated to wear masks for their own personal safety and for the safety of children and others who are unable to be vaccinated.
Effective immediately, we will drop the worship guidelines and COVID restrictions for indoor and outdoor worship services.
  • Masks will be optional for those attending worship, ministries and events.
  • Seating configurations will return to normal, and physical distancing restrictions will be removed.
  • Masks will be optional for musicians who are leading worship.
  • The staff will continue to wear masks in the church building WHERE the Preschool and Morning Care programs are in session. We encourage others to do the same around our young people.
  • Hand sanitizer and masks will continue to be made available at worship entrances.
Stay tuned for further changes to be communicated in the future. As we gradually start back other ministries, please contact staff before making plans to restart. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.