BreakThru: From Catechism to Christ

WELCOME to BreakThru, Epiphany’s confirmation program, designed to prepare students for the Rite of Affirmation of Baptism and to help them grow in knowledge, understanding, and relationship with Jesus Christ and God’s people. This meaningful program combines worship, learning events, outreach and service, and fellowship to strengthen the faith journey of young people. By connecting with Christ and each other, our students learn fundamental Biblical principles and teachings based on Martin Luther’s Small Catechism including the Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments, Apostles’ Creed, sacraments, and other faith topics. Students deepen their knowledge and relationships and make a positive difference in their homes, communities, and the world. Students are challenged to live their faith through service to others. At BreakThru, students are challenged to understand Christianity as a way of life, not just a Word.
Confirmation at Epiphany begins in the sixth grade with a bridge year, then continues with the core curriculum in the seventh and eighth grade, and finishes with preparation for the confirmation celebration that takes place for ninth graders on Reformation Sunday, the last Sunday in October. 

BreakThru Program Manual Updated September 2019

This manual for parents and students includes everything you need to know for your confirmation journey at Epiphany. Highlighted changes for 2019 include:
  • Worship Notes: With the church-wide emphasis on families worshiping together, students beginning confirmation this fall will be expected to complete 10 worship notes per year in grades 6-8 for a total of 30 over the course of three years. 
    • Service Hours: Students will complete 10 service credits per year in grades 6-8 for a total of 30 over the course of three years (cut back from 25 per year over two years for a total of 50).
    • Fellowship: Students will participate in 2 fellowship opportunities per year. This is staying the same, but most students participate in far more than two per year.
    • Education: We have taken the old “education” requirement and translated it to sixth grade learning events, so there are no longer additional education requirements outside of Sunday afternoon learning events. 

BreakThru Worship Notes

Capture important notes and reflections from worship services. 

NEW! Service Credit Form

Download to document and reflect on service experiences to receive service credits, or submit for service credits online.

Annual Parental Consent Medical Liability Media Release

Every student must have an Epiphany Parental Consent and Liability Release form on file. The form must be updated annually, typically at the beginning of the new school year. If the form is completed in the middle of a school year, it will need to be renewed at the beginning of the next new school year. To ensure the health and safety of all students, please fill out the form completely including insurance information. Forms are available at both campus Welcome Centers as well as online.
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According to the ELCA’s Task Force on Confirmation Ministry, “Confirmation ministry is a pastoral and educational ministry of the church that helps the baptized through Word and Sacrament to identify more deeply with the Christian community and participate more fully in its mission.” Confirmation, also known as Affirmation of Baptism, marks the completion of the congregation’s program of confirmation ministry, a period of instruction in the Christian faith as confessed in the teachings of the Lutheran Church. Those who have completed this program were made members of the church in baptism. Confirmation includes a public profession of the faith into which candidates were baptized, underscoring God’s action in their baptism. If you want to learn more about baptism, please contact one of our pastors at (937) 433-1449.

Learning Events (September-May)

The core of our confirmation program runs from September through May along with service and fellowship events throughout the year. Students gather together on select Sundays for a time of thought-provoking teaching, authentic community in small groups, and lots of fun in a safe and encouraging environment. Learning events feature music, skits, quiz/game shows, snacks, and an educational presentation. The students then divide into small groups, led by trained small group guides for discussion and sharing. Service, Worship, Education and Fellowship

Service, Worship, Education and Fellowship

As part of our integrated program, students are involved in the life of the church in a variety of service opportunities including serving in the Child Care Center, serving Communion, ushering for worship, and much more.