FEBRUARY 26, 2020

Services and Soup Supper Offered at Both Campuses

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a season when God calls us to reflect on the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection. The imposition of ashes – when you receive ashes in the sign of the cross on your forehead – sets the tone for Lent. Each moment you encounter your reflection, your ashes are a striking reminder that “you are dust, and to dust you shall return” (Genesis 3:19b). But the cross, a symbol of Jesus’ crucifixion, offers hope.

Austin Campus

6 PM: Communion Service and Soup Supper
Please join us for the ancient tradition of remembering our need for Christ alone by the imposition of ashes. We’ll gather for worship in a family-friendly setting around tables to begin, hear the word, receive the mark of the cross by ashes, and we’ll then share in a simple meal of soup and bread at our tables before we share the Meal of Christ in Holy Communion. We will then be sent out ready to begin the sacred season of Lent, which prepares us for the Great Three Days of Christ’s death and resurrection. Our worship will be led by our Praise Band with Pastor Jay sharing the word and sacrament. 
All are welcome. Please make large batch of soup, bread or dessert to share, and bring them to the worship service, or just show up and be fed. If you can help with the meal by bringing a large pot of soup to share, please sign up below, so that we can plan for it.

Far Hills Campus

Noon: Communion Service, Sanctuary
6 PM: Soup Supper, Celebration Center
7 PM: Communion Service, Sanctuary
Join us this first day of Lent, as we are reminded of our sin and brokenness, and as we have ashes placed on our foreheads we are reminded of our sinfulness. We offer two services: one at noon and another at 7 p.m. The evening service will include the Jubilate Bells. All three pastors will be at the noon service, and Pastor Charlie and Pastor Tracy will be at the evening service. Pastor Tracy will preach at both services. All are welcome! Child Care will be available for the 7 p.m. service.
Everyone is invited to share in a potluck soup supper at 6 p.m. Bring bread, salad or dessert to share, or if you’re able to contribute a large batch of soup or macaroni and cheese to the meal, please sign up below, so that we can plan for enough to feed those sharing in the meal. You’re also welcome to just show up and be fed this first day of our Lenten journey together!