Give the Gift of Your Service


Children’s Day Camp and Preschool Vacation Bible School

JULY 23-27

Thank you for considering service opportunities during Preschool Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Children’s Day Camp. There are a wide variety of options for adult volunteers, and each position described below is just as needed as another. The hope is to have a wide range of adults willing to be present with our Epiphany kids, to love them, and to share the Good News that Jesus loves them so much!  

Volunteers make a world of difference in the lives of kids at Day Camp and VBS! We look forward to having you use your skills and share your time to help kids learn. 

Hospitality and Food

  • Snack Server (Both Programs): Prepare and distribute snacks to all Day Camp groups and Preschool VBS. Approx. 9:30-11:00 
  • Day Camp Host Homes: Provide a guest room, breakfast, and transportation to and from the church every day, Sunday evening through Friday morning. Evenings will include dinner and some special events for counselors. Host families will be invited to attend some evenings but not required. Host homes without kids attending through the week preferred. Nine counselors and one supervisor total need to be accommodated.
  • Set Up Crew: Set up for Day Camp and VBS. Some things may be set up the Friday beforehand, and help will also be needed Sunday evening for final touches after the Summer Musical set strike. 
  • Day Camp Counselor Lunches:  Provide a large balanced lunch for all nine counselors (and one supervisor) on your assigned day. Requested that lunch provided be similar to what will be packed in kid lunches.
  • Day Camp Counselor Snacks: After a full day of camp let’s treat our counselors with a fun snack! Healthy fruit and vegetable options requested most!
  • Day Camp Friday Dinner: As our counselor friends pack up and return to camp they will stop for dinner. Please provide Panera gift cards or cash to the Church Office in any increment. ($150 total)

Children’s Day Camp

  • Day Camp Attendance (Morning): Collects all paperwork on Monday, through the week welcomes and checks in each child of their designated group. Organizes group bins. (5 needed each morning) Approx. 8:40-9:10
  • Day Camp Craft Helpers: Assist LOMO counselors in the craft room- prep, cutting, assisting kids, preparing supplies between groups, etc. Approx. 9:15-11:45
  • Day Camp Lunch Helpers: Help monitor lunch by opening packages, cleaning up spills, providing water, sweeping when kids are finished, etc. Feel free to bring your own lunch and sit to chat with kids once they are ready to eat! Approx. 11:45-12:45
  • Day Camp Afternoon Aid: Provide water and assistance to large group during games (typically outside) Approx. 1:00-2:45
  • Day Camp Attendance (Afternoon): Organizes bins for easy pick-up (lunch boxes, crafts, newsletter, etc.) Check-out each child to their parent. Approx. 2:45-3:15

Preschool Vacation Bible School (VBS)

  • Preschool VBS Planning Team: Meets to plan schedule, delegate tasks, collect supplies, and organize materials for volunteers. Meet as needed before week of.
  • Preschool VBS Attendance (Morning): Collects all paperwork on Monday, through the week welcomes and checks in each child of their age group. (2 needed each morning) Approx. 8:40-9:10
  • Preschool VBS Rotation Leaders: Plan and facilitate rotation lesson for all preschool classes. Approx. 8:40-11:45
  • Preschool VBS Small Group Leaders: No prep, travels and participates with kids to activity rotations, facilitate positive group dynamics and behavior, safety monitor, support rotation leaders with activities as needed. Approx. 8:45-11:45
  • Preschool VBS Youth Helpers: Reliable, self-starter youth helpers are needed to assist in small groups and activity rotations. Limited number of spots available. Approx. 8:45-11:45