Interested in Membership?

Come Grow With Us



Epiphany is a church home for all ages and a “spiritual family” that worships, serves, and grows together in faith. Maybe you are looking for a church home or want to learn more about becoming a member of Epiphany. We welcome you and are here to help you with your decision. We hope that as you explore this website and participate in worship and other ministries at Epiphany, you experience a glimpse of what discipleship at Epiphany looks like. Our prayer is with you as you discern God’s will for your “next step” and what the future could hold for you at Epiphany.


Why Membership?

When a person is born, they become a member of a particular family unit. When a person is baptized, they become a member of the body of Christ. From then on, until they are called to their Heavenly home, they are on a life?long spiritual journey. Throughout this journey, God calls us to be in community with one another, for it is through others we see God most clearly. Therefore, it is important to establish and develop relationships with other Christians. Joining Epiphany Lutheran Church offers this opportunity. Together we can grow and expand our love of Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of God’s promise of forgiveness of sins and eternal life. 

If you are new to Epiphany and want to learn more about possible membership, we encourage you to contact us any time. We also cordially invite you to attend a new member orientation session. Held periodically throughout the year, these two?session classes are led by the pastors and generally meet on a Sunday afternoon. Described as a caring time of connection, our goal is to help you discern your next step as we answer your  questions and provide an overview of Epiphany. Light refreshments, fellowship, and a tour of the church are provided. Child Care is available upon request for these two New Member Classes.


Interested in More Information?

Please contact or (937) 433?1449 for more information or to express interest in joining Epiphany Lutheran Church. We hope and pray that you will want to make a commitment to this faith community called Epiphany Lutheran Church and become a member with us.