Ministry Spotlight

Children’s Day Camp and Preschool VBS Recap

Making a Splash!
by Anastasia Rodgers
This summer we made a big splash with The Water of Life Preschool VBS and Day Camp! With more than one hundred children in attendance, seven LOMO counselors, and over twenty youth and adult volunteers from Epiphany it was a full week with lots of excitement! Each day the kids learned new songs, explored a Bible story, learned about nature, created crafts, played games and developed new relationships. Throughout the week our Water of Life theme explored how God is always with us!
We collected a special offering for children and families around the world who need clean water. Jesus is the Water of Life and encourages us to care for everyone! We partnered with ELCA Good Gifts to help purchase supplies for clean water with our mission partners around the world. Our offering total of $465 exceeded both goals set during the week- Counselors, Anastasia, and Assistant Director of Preschool VBS Lindsay Wipperman got wet on Thursday night during the Family Night after the first goal was reached. Then upon exceeding the second goal, Anastasia and Pastor Jay got pied in the face on Friday! It was all good fun; our children loved sharing God’s love around the world through this offering! 
The people who made Preschool VBS and Day Camp such a huge success help us remember that indeed, God is always with us. Thank you to the volunteers and camp staff who gave their days full of love and attention to our kids. Thank you to those who provided homes and hospitality to the LOMO counselors. Thank you to families that provided food and supplies. Thank you to the parents, grandparents and loved ones who brought kids to the church each day. And thank you for the thoughts and prayers throughout the week; we couldn’t have done it without the power of prayer!
As we continue to wade in the water this summer reflect on our theme verse “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.” When see water in your daily lives allow for a quick pause and remember you are a loved child of God and God will always be with you. Share that love, serve others, and be excited that here at Epiphany we have a bunch of kids who know they are loved, and that they are the church, water and all!