Hoops for Haiti

Join us in raising money for the people of Haiti, and join in some friendly competition at the same time. No matter how well your brackets do this year, the real winner is Haiti!
Here is how it works:
  1. Write a check to Epiphany Lutheran Church for $20 with “Hoops for Haiti” in the check memo, or put $20 in cash in an envelope with a note attached – “Hoops for Haiti.” It’s $20 for each bracket!
  2. Click here, and sign in to CBS Sports. If you don’t have an account, you will need to set that up.
  3. FILL OUT YOUR BRACKETS before the first game at noon on Thursday, March 15.
  4. Watch to see how you do!
ALL PROCEEDS will go to the Haitian Timoun Foundation.
The winner of the brackets for ELCDayton will be taken out for dinner by Pastor Jay and Pastor Charlie and will have bragging rights for the coming year! We will also see how well we do in competition with the other churches participating in the Hoops For Haiti Program.