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We are thrilled to announce a new video series under development at Epiphany. It is called Ask a Pastor! We need your help! We need your questions, so that we can build an archive to help others in their faith walk and to get to know Epiphany better. Once we begin recording the videos, we will post them on this page below the form. Thanks for contributing to what we hope will be a great addition to life at Epiphany!
Got questions? We all do! Whether it is in your marriage, your emotions, finances, raising your children, or your walk with God – we want you to know that there are answers from the Word of God that will empower you to experience a life of freedom, joy and peace! 
Ask a Pastor is one of the ways we engage in worship at Epiphany. Through dialogue, we can work out our faith together. Questions about theology, scripture, music, Epiphany, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), daily discipleship are all accepted. Go ahead – ask your question!

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What happens to unbaptized children?

Are followers of non-Christian religions unable to get into heaven?

Is it fair for non-Christians who behave like Christians to go to hell?

Creation vs. Evolution – How can we merge science with the Bible, so that we do not confuse our children?

How does grace work?

Struggling with faith and the one true path to God.

Just for fun with Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton!

What is the starting age for Communion?

Idolatry in today’s world…

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